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codeSpark Academy FAQs

If you do not see an answer to your question below, check out our Knowledge Base for more help. Support hours are: M-F 9am - 6pm PST and S-Su 9am-12pm PST.

General/Education Questions

codeSpark Academy with The Foos is the expanded, subscription-based edition of the award-winning coding app The Foos. Starting in early September 2016, The Foos will become codeSpark Academy, and all current players must update their app in order to use the product.

codeSpark Academy with The Foos will have several exciting NEW features and will be updated regularly with new content every month:

- New Foos!
- More puzzles and games
- Game Kits
- Personalized Daily Activities
- Brand New Menu and Map
- Teacher Dashboard
- More tutorial videos

The monthly subscription comes with a 7-day free trial. Once the trial has ended you will be charged.

You can register up to three children on one codeSpark Academy account. You can register them after purchasing your subscription. Children can customize their avatars and usernames at any time. Multiple children can use codeSpark Academy at the same time, provided they are using different devices.

codeSpark Academy with The Foos is geared toward children ages 4-9, however we’ve seen kids older than 9 have a blast playing the game (they tend to go through the puzzles quickly and then spend most of their time coding levels). We’ve also seen kids younger than 4 play codeSpark Academy, but they would usually need some help from a grown-up.

Nope. We are COPPA-compliant and do not collect any private data on our kid coders.

Players cannot send any messages to each other. The only communication between players is to send a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” rating on a community-created level. There are NO OTHER means of communication between players.

Every girl is different, and codeSpark Academy created its girl characters with that thought in mind. Girl characters in the game range from queens to police officers to astronauts. We specifically avoided girl character tropes in games; our female Foos are never rescued and can solve their own problems (with the help of the kid programmer).

Additionally, we continuously test codeSpark Academy with girl players in order to make sure that the characters and gameplay appeal to them. We’re happy to say that our game is girl (and boy) approved!

codeSpark Academy teaches kids age 4-9 the basics of computer science. Kids learn concepts such as:

- Sequencing
- Loops
- Conditional Statements
- Events
- Boolean logic & sorting
- Variables (coming soon)

Yes! We have unplugged activities and a 10-lesson curriculum available for download in the "Resources" section.

Yes! codeSpark Academy with The Foos does not use words to teach coding basics. The game is completely visual based, allowing kids of all abilities to play and learn.

We realized that a lot of kids who start the Foo Studio Game Maker had trouble coming up with games to make. Game Kits are “paint-by-numbers” tutorials that guide kids through creating a game - blocks and code will be sketched out for kids to fill in to create some seriously cool games.

Your child will get a set of activities with various puzzles and Game Maker activities each day. Completing the daily set earns each child a special prize. These activities will eventually adapt to your child’s set of skills - if it looks like your child needs more practice on a concept, the daily activities will have them doing more puzzles on that concept.

codeSpark Academy is free for public schools and non-profit organizations. To set up a school/teacher account, you need to first set up a codeSpark Academy Teacher Dashboard account at

If you have any other questions, send an email to our support team at Our support team is available M-F 9am - 6pm.

Billing/Technical Questions

You have a 7 day free trial after you agree to the monthly subscription. You will be charged once the trial expires.

We want to continue teaching and inspiring kids around the world for a long time. The new subscription plan is the best way to deliver high-quality and super fun educational content that keeps children learning and creating month after month. In addition, we can avoid annoying in-game advertisements and in-app purchases.

Your billing cycle is determined by the date that you subscribe as well as the membership option you select. For a monthly subscription, your renewal date is one month from your purchase date.

We’re sorry to see you go! Our learning app has a ton of different content so please have your child explore for all seven days of the trial so they get a chance to solve puzzles, make games and learn about automation.

If after your trial you'd still like to cancel your subscription to codeSpark Academy then please follow these directions:

Apple App Store (iOS) - cancel your subscription here.
Our website ( - cancel your subscription by logging into your account.
Google Play Store (Android) - cancel your subscription here. If the cancellation button does not appear, please contact us at with your Google Play ID from your original e-receipt (the number begins with "GPA") so we can manually cancel for you.

Yes! One codeSpark Academy subscription can be used on either an iOS or Android device.

Currently we do not have a gifting system set-up. We will offer gift subscriptions in the near future.

codeSpark Academy with The Foos is available on iOS and Android devices. Currently, Amazon Kindle and web users will not be able to access codeSpark Academy. We are in the process of making it available on those platforms as well.

Currently, Amazon Kindle users will not be able to access codeSpark Academy. We are in the process of making it available on Kindle as well.

codeSpark Academy with The Foos is not available on the web. We do have a “lite” version of the game with the first 24 puzzles available at

You may have a firewall in place that is blocking access to codeSpark Academy with The Foos. Make sure to make these allowances in your firewall:
(port 80 and 443 on all)

If you are still experience problems, email support [at] with a description of the problem, what device/platform you’re using, and any screenshots you may have.

If you purchased a subscription, first try using the "Restore Purchases" option on the bottom right of the paywall screen. Our servers should detect your purchase and then give you access to the game. You can start playing now or you can create a username and password to sign in on multiple devices.

To create a username to sign in on multiple devices:

1. Once you see the green play button, press the "Parents" icon on the top left screen.
2. Enter you birth date
3. Switch to the "Account" tab and press "Register."
4. Create your username and password.

If you've downloaded the latest version codeSpark Academy onto your iOS device, you will also get our fun sticker pack for iMessage.

Follow these directions to add the codeSpark Academy sticker pack to your Messages:

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